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Google Search accounts for 91.57% of all online search traffic in Canada

With the future being online, Google has become the go-to search engine for customers looking to make a purchase. However, with a staggering 75% of people not even clicking past the first page of search results, it’s imperative that your business appears in one of the top spots. Failure to do so means your business remains invisible to your potential customers while your competitors seize the opportunity. A better SEO strategy puts you above your competition, leading to higher sales and business success.

At RankRonin, we don’t just focus on making the first page, we focus on making you #1.

Search engines drive over 300% more traffic to sites than social media

This increase in traffic is due to the nature of search engines, which allow users to find exactly what they are looking for based on specific keywords or phrases. Social media, on the other hand, is more focused on building and maintaining relationships between individuals and brands, making search engine optimization (SEO) a vital tool for businesses looking to increase their online visibility and attract more traffic to their website.

Here at RankRonin we understand the importance of your website’s SEO.

Partner with a SEO agency that takes care of everything.

We provide a comprehensive SEO service that promises measurable results, from technical SEO to developing an effective link building strategy. At every stage of the process, we are transparent about the techniques we use, the reasons behind them, and the anticipated outcome. We believe in full disclosure and don’t hold back our expertise from clients.

Our team consists of experts in their respective fields, and their combined efforts have led to the outstanding results we have achieved. Our success stems from a tried-and-tested process and an unwavering commitment to detail. With our SEO services, you can count on increased online visibility, higher website traffic, and ultimately, greater business success.

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Our SEO website analysis service involves a comprehensive evaluation of your website’s performance, including identifying technical issues, analyzing keyword usage, and assessing content quality. We provide actionable insights and recommendations to improve your website’s search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, and boost overall online visibility.

We provide in-depth analysis and identification of relevant search terms and phrases that your target audience uses to find products or services similar to yours. We use various tools and techniques to research and prioritize keywords that have high search volume, low competition, and high relevance to your business. Our goal is to help you optimize your website’s content and improve your search engine rankings to attract more qualified traffic and increase your conversion rates.

Our competitor analysis service involves a thorough evaluation of your competitors’ online presence, including their website, social media profiles, content, and SEO strategies. We use various tools and techniques to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your business. Our goal is to help you gain a competitive edge by developing a comprehensive understanding of your market and leveraging your competitors’ best practices to improve your own online strategy. We provide detailed recommendations and insights to help you achieve your business goals and grow your online presence.

Our website optimization for SEO service involves a comprehensive evaluation of your website’s technical aspects, including site speed, mobile responsiveness, and user experience. We also analyze your content quality, keyword usage, and backlink profile to identify areas for improvement. We provide actionable recommendations to optimize your website’s on-page and off-page factors, boost your search engine rankings, and increase your organic traffic.

Our social media integration service involves incorporating your social media profiles into your website to improve your online presence and drive more traffic to your website. We provide customized social media integration solutions that align with your business goals and enhance your brand identity. We optimize your social media profiles to increase engagement and visibility and integrate them seamlessly into your website to improve user experience and drive more traffic.

Our blog submission service involves submitting high-quality and relevant blog content to popular blog directories and social media platforms to increase your website’s visibility, attract more traffic, and improve your search engine rankings. We help you develop engaging and informative blog content that aligns with your business goals and resonates with your target audience. We then distribute this content to popular blog directories and social media platforms to reach a wider audience and build brand awareness.

Our press release service involves creating and distributing newsworthy content to increase brand awareness, attract more traffic, and improve your online reputation. We help you craft compelling press releases that highlight your company’s achievements, milestones, and newsworthy events, and distribute them on your website and suitable blog websites to reach a wider audience.

We help you create unique and engaging content that aligns with your business goals and resonates with your target audience. We then distribute your articles to popular article directories and niche-specific websites to build backlinks, establish your authority, and drive more traffic to your website. Our article submission service is a cost-effective and efficient way to improve your online visibility, attract more qualified traffic, and boost your search engine rankings.

We submit your website to relevant and high-quality directories to improve your search engine rankings, build backlinks, and establish your online authority. Our team of experts ensures that your website is submitted to directories that are relevant to your industry and have high domain authority.

We help you identify authoritative websites and blogs in your industry and secure high-quality backlinks through guest posting, broken link building, and other proven link building techniques. Our link building service is a safe and ethical way to improve your website’s authority and reputation, attract more qualified traffic, and ultimately drive more conversions for your business. Our goal is to help you achieve sustainable and long-term success through effective link building strategies. View our link building service here.

We provide you with comprehensive insights and analysis on your website’s performance, search engine rankings, and traffic trends. We help you track your key performance metrics, including website traffic, search engine rankings, and conversion rates, and provide you with regular updates and reports on your website’s performance. Our monthly reporting service helps you identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize your website’s performance and achieve your business goals. Our goal is to help you stay informed and in control of your website’s performance and provide you with actionable recommendations to improve your online visibility and drive more conversions for your business.

Reduce your dependence on paid advertising and establish your dominance in your industry.

Don’t waste your marketing budget on paid ads and PPC. According to 61% of B2B marketers, SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative. Invest in SEO with RankRonin to dominate your industry and maximize your return on investment.

Get more targeted traffic with RankRonin’s powerful Ontario SEO services. Our data-informed and proven process delivers more than paid advertisements.

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We think it’s essential that you are fully aware and comprehend what’s happening behind the scenes with your campaign, including the outcomes produced at every stage of the process.

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Forget signing a 6 or 12 month agreement when you start work with us. At RankRonin, we never tie people into contracts, because we’re simply confident in our ability to deliver. Giving you the option to leave whenever you like provides us with an even greater incentive to get you a brilliant return on your investment in the shortest possible timeframe.

We’ll move heaven, earth and the SERPs to get you the results you’re looking for. This is the reason we retain the majority of our clients for longer than 12 months, with some still with us years down the line.

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